Origins of "El Mariachi"Background

“EL MARIACHI”. There are records arising from 1541 for El Mariachi in the town of Cocula, land of Jalisco, State of Mexico where it took place the inception of the globally known “TEQUILA”. In the past 10 years, this beverage has had tremendous growth in both domestic and international demand. From the combination of these two world-famous icons (both originated in Jalisco) arise the names of our Tequilas: Cocula and Cocollan.

Who are we?

We are a tequila company that is dedicated to the bottling and marketing of premium 100% Agave tequilas.

Our Target

We dedícate all our efforts to those that recognize the value added of an extraordinary product. Those who love great spirits and gorgeous distills. Our presentations allows us to be interesting to national and international markets.

Objective and Goals

To be leaders in the national and international market, constantly increasing our sales, optimizing costs to generate the highest return and become a profitable and renowned company for its brand and quality. Also continue to grow morally and economically, consolidating a company promoted by the satisfaction of customers, shareholders and employees.

Agave PiñasOur Mission

Guarantee that our consumers receive the best tequila products, preserving a perfect harmony between quality and price, in order to achieve the total satisfaction of our customers.

Our Vision

To be recognized as a tequila company with innovative, cutting-edge products and high quality, with significant presence in the national and international market.